Plywood produced from pine blades, from reforestation, overlapping in a variable direction, obeying, produced with a number of odd layers of five layers. Selected edges with acrylic mass and nitrocelulose varnish in order to minimise the absorption of absorption.
Bonding with 100% WBP resin. Pine Kernel

It's face and counter-face are manifatured with C quality sheets, with correction of the acrylic mass in the imperfections on only one side and sanded.

packaging, siding, temporary constructions, houses, civil construction in genera, among others
Width Length
1.216,0±1 2.435,2±1
Requisitos de espessura
Thickness (MM) Thickness (pol.) Layer Sanded
12mm 15/32" 5 ply 11, 24 à 12, 56
15mm 19/32" 5 ply 14, 15 à 15, 65
18mm 23/32" 7 ply 17, 06 à 18, 74