Trinrico Steel & Wire Products remain committed to the manufacturing and distribution of the highest quality building and construction sector long products. Modern and technologically advanced plants, our Rebar manufacturing facility and valued Rolling Mill alliances globally guarantee all manufacturing processes are using carefully controlled, prime raw materials throughout every stage of the manufacturing processes. Our reinforcement steel products can be welded and exceed the highest international standards.

Rebar and Mild Steel Rods can be value added by processing into Stirrups and Shaped Bars. Shape codes with precise dimensions as per the construction drawings and bar bending schedules are delivered to site on call off as required with absolutely no scrap liability to the project. This allows total project cost control while reducing site liability and environmental impact, ensuring the highest quality in a controlled modern facility. The production of hot rolled Rebar for reinforced concrete with improved adherence and ductility, are further value added by way of perfect cutting and bending in accordance with International Standard conforming to the project design.
Quality materials processed by way of cutting and bending into perfect shapes, can then be precisely assembled into structures of all types. We offer both tied and welded structures such as cylindrical piles, square and triangular cages, mats, columns, beams, and any or all structures capable of delivery to sites. The result is equally as much a quality advantage as an economical advantage with project production rates increased while eliminating wastage. Contractors realise a higher level of project management and efficiency with all quality control and inspection done before prior to site delivery.

Standard Grade Diameters Lengths
ASTM-A615 Grade 60 8mm – 40mm 6m & 12m
ASTM-A615 Grade 40 5.5mm – 25.4mm 6m & 12m
British Standard BS 4449 8mm – 16mm 6m & 12m
*Table is referential and other sizes are available