Supplied in both rolls and sheets, our welded wire mesh is manufactured in accordance with market specifications and international standards(ASTM).

It is high in structural strength as tested by RADCO for axial loading, transverse loading, and racking shear. It is also highly moisture resistant, durable and has limited thermal conductivity.

Also, Trinrico accepts requests for Drawn Cold Steel Wire that conform to AISI, BS and ASTM standard Specifications for use in the manufacturing of nails, welded wire mesh, electric welding electrodes, and wire elements used for the reinforcement of concrete forms and piles. Wire sizes ranging from 4guage(0.2253”) to 12guage(0.1055”) are supplied upon request in either smooth or deformed(ribbed) surface finish.”

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Welded Wire Mesh in Sheets

Welded Wire Mesh In Sheets
Mesh Size Nominal Pitch Main(mm) Mesh Size Nominal Pitch Cross(mm) Diameter Main(mm) Diameter Cross(mm) Nominal Size of Mats Width(m) x Length(m)
A393 200 200 10 10 2.40 X 4.80
A252 200 200 8 8 2.40 X 4.80
A193 200 200 7 7 2.40 X 4.80
A142 200 200 6 6 2.40 X 4.80
A98 200 200 4 4 2.40 X 4.80
A63 200 200 4 4 2.40 X 4.80
Also available in square, structural, long and wrapping mesh dimensions
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Welded Wire Mesh in Rolls

Welded Wire Mesh In Rolls
Mesh Size Nominal Pitch Main Cross (inches) Mesh Size Nominal Pitch Main Cross (inches) Diameter Main Cross SWG Diameter Main Cross SWG Nominal Size of Rolls
2 2 10g – 8g 10g – 8g 7ft x 100ft
3 3 10g – 5g 10g – 5g 7ft x 100ft
6 6 10g – 5g 10g – 5g 7ft x 100ft
Also available in different length rolls

Why Choose Trinrico Welded Wire Mesh?


Is delivery available?
We deliver Nationwide and to all Hardware stores, Job sites and Ports of Export including arranging Ocean freight and Customs brokerage.
Are Quality Certificates (Mill Test Certificates) available?
Test certificates available for all of our products and included in our standard documentation.
Do you manufacture Welded Wire Mesh in both Rolls and Sheets:
We manufacture both in rolls and sheets in standard industry dimensions and custom dimensions to suit your market and needs.
Is the material guaranteed to conform to the International Standards?
Our materials exceed the International Standards, we offer only the Highest Standard set by the most demanding applications in the Construction Sector. Our materials are delivered with the Test Certificate of Compliance but are also further tested by the T&T Bureau of Standards, third party laboratories and In house rigorously.
Do you offer engineered or special welded or possibly tied mesh structures?
Any requirement involving mesh for reinforcement application is possible.